3 Ways to REALLY Make Money in The Stock Market (Insider Tips)*

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Published – 08/04/2019 1:09 am

What are the ways to actually make money in the stock market?

0:30 #1 How I Make Money in the Stock Market
I have a strategy. I’m not just guessing on good or bad companies; I’m not investing based on my gut. I use my gut to eat vast amounts of sushi, vast amounts of food, that’s what your gut should be used for. Not for picking stocks.

0:50 #2 How I Make Money in the Stock Market
I have rules and discipline. That’s what I teach. You can’t just go into a stock with no plan. You can’t just say oh, I want to buy this stock; I’m going to do well. What if the stock doesn’t go your way? What rules do you have in place? What discipline do you have in place to prepare yourself if the stock doesn’t do what you expect? Remember, most people lose money, so you need that planning, you need to think ‘what if’ before you risk your hard earned money.

1:20 #3 How I Make Money in the Stock Market
I search for good patterns. Everything that I do is based off pattern recognition. A lot of people ask me, do you have to be intelligent, do you have to be smart, do you have to be good at math and I say, no, no no. You have to be good at pattern recognition. What I teach are patterns.

2:30 These are the things to consider, and it’s not just based on one or two indicators. Too many people buy stocks, they’re like oh this company has good news or this company has a good product, and they’re so simplistic.

3:00 You have to study, you have to prepare, you have to plan. It’s not fun becoming a millionaire. It’s not fun strategizing. It takes a lot of studying. That’s why I have video lessons, and DVD’s and webinars and my top students give webinars, and they have DVD’s.

3:15 It’s all about going in with a plan. You can never over prepare in the stock market. You can get easily under prepare, and that’s what most people do so your job is to study up. If you know nothing right now or if you know very little, guess what, you’ve been missing out on years and decades of this stuff, so you’re playing catch up.

3:30 That is your job. How much can you study? How dedicated of a student will you be then once you have enough knowledge can help then you focus on making money? You’re not going to make consistent profits until you have a foundation of knowledge, so that’s what I’m here for.

* Results may not be typical and may vary from person to person. Making money trading stocks takes time, dedication, and hard work. There are inherent risks involved with investing in the stock market, including the loss of your investment. Past performance in the market is not indicative of future results. Any investment is at your own risk.

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