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Published – 10/07/2019 11:47 am

You are likely to have a website you want to make a success of, if you’re reading this article.

Traffic to your website is essential in order to reach that level. Where does that traffic come from?

Submitting your website to online directories is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site. Online directories work in the same way as your phone book yellowpages: They are classified (education, entertainment and health). When you submit your website, it is suggested that you choose a category. You may even be eligible to submit to a subcategory within the main category. Let’s say your website is all about aromatherapy.

You would like to suggest “Health” in your main category, “Alternative Medicine”, as your sub-category and “Aromatherapy”, as part of your submission request.

Yahoo!, MSN Small Business and DMOZ are some of the most popular online directories. Listings in online directories, unlike search engines, are often not free. You can submit to the Yahoo! Directory for free as of today. Directory (//dir.yahoo.com), but there is not guarantee on how quickly your website will be reviewed for listing. Yahoo! can help you get your site reviewed quicker if you pay them $299 USD. Yahoo! will review your site in seven days for $299 US. This fee is a recurring fee that will be charged annually. Your website will be subject to a yearly evaluation and cannot be guaranteed to remain on the site year after year.

MSN is $49 US and functions more like a submit service for search engines. Their submission service allows you to be included in their small business directory. DMOZ is a free service, however, because it is run by volunteers, it may take a while before your site is added. You have two options: submit to DMOZ, and then pay for MSN or Yahoo! services.

Why should you spend money on your site? Why not just optimize your website for search engines? It is possible, but not everyone searches for the exact thing they want. A search engine may not be the best tool for someone searching for gourmet dog treats. They might instead go to an online directory and browse the listings, just like they would the yellow pages in their telephone book. You will reap the benefits of your investment in the online directory.

1. This will help increase your site’s traffic. You will have your site listed in search engines and online directories. This will allow you to gain more traffic from people searching for your website.

2. This will increase your website’s backlinks. The directory pages that are listed in search engines will show the link to your site. This creates more opportunities for people to find you site. This will ultimately result in more visitors for your site.

3. Submitting to directories can be a fast way to get links. It is difficult and time-consuming to optimize your site for search engines.
Learning how to write for search engines can be a tedious task. You can still get links from search engines. Submitting to directories will also help.

4. It is a great investment to submit to directories. You can submit to Yahoo! Yahoo! and MSN costs less than $350. DMOZ is completely free. You can search online for directories to find more places where you could submit cheaply or for free.

Submitting to directories online is a great way to increase traffic to your site. To survive online, you will need traffic. So get started!

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