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Published – 08/02/2019 7:09 pm

Here is a new video for all you fashion merchandising babes!

As I feel a lot of you might be looking for new careers in the new year, I wanted to just share this video on fashion merchandising careers available for you. Whether you studied fashion merchandising or are wanting to get into the industry, here are some jobs that might interest you.

1. Fashion Buyer: Buyers determine what products go on store shelves, catalogues, and online. They do the research, they create buying plans, and they are the ones making the deals with the companies selling the products to retailers. Buyers make one of the highest salaries, and thus it is highly competitive. 72k – 105k is median salary.
2. Visual Merchandiser: Visual Merchandisers are in charge of making sure store fronts and sometimes even online stores are looking good and shoppable. I’ve seen a growing number of jobs opening for online visual merchandisers, where you’d spend time preparing sets, clothes, and models. One of the more creative areas in merchandising, but pay varies. Average salary is 34k.
3. Store Manager: You may not think of retail as a career, but you’d be silly to think that way. Retail is an enormous industry, and it is not easy to keep a store running. While you don’t need a degree to perform this job, you have better chances of getting a Store Manager role and higher pay with a merchandising degree. You can make between 48k to 90k as a store manager, depending on which company and store you work for.
4. Production Manager: Production managers make sure that the manufacturing processes run smoothly, and are also in charge of quality checking products. They plan and organize production schedules, resources, estimates, and more. Median salary is between 82k to 100k.
5. Showroom Manager: You train, promote sales, and maintain showrooms as a showroom manager. Showrooms are usually meant for big ticket items like cars, furniture, and more. Often times, buyers are the ones shopping in showrooms. 55k is average salary.
6. Social Media Coordinator: As a social media coordinator, you are in charge of budgets, content, scheduling, and being on top of the constant change in social media. You are the main form of contact between brand and consumer. Average salary is 40k

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