How to Pick the Perfect Domain Name

How to Pick the Perfect Domain Name
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Published – 10/11/2019 8:06 am

What is the best domain name?

It must be:

1. Relatively brief
2. It’s easy to remember
3. It is easy to spell

Recently, I spoke to a customer about a company called “Otway Valley Trading Company”.

He wanted the following domain name:

Can you identify the potential problems with this domain?

 Here are a few:

1. It is too long

It is irritating to have to type long domain names into your browser. This can also increase the likelihood of customers spelling mistakes.

2. Too many keywords

Customers will struggle to remember the name and URL of the site if there are 4 keywords (Otway Valley Trading Company).

Stick to one or two keywords for your domain name.

3. It’s easy to misspell:

It is easy to confuse the word “otway” with “ottway”.

4. Is your email address too long?

This is how an email address would look for this domain name:

[email protected]

That’s quite a mouthful to remember.

Choosing a good domain name:

1) The shorter, the better

A short, memorable domain name will make it easier for customers to remember your website address and to enter their Internet browser.

2) Choose something memorable

Your domain name does not have to be boring. You can actually come up with something memorable – it will help you distinguish your business from others – just ask Yahoo!

3) Avoid using hyphens

Our research has shown that domain names containing hyphens can cause confusion.

Websites that use a hyphen to separate keywords (e.g. This is almost always due to the fact that the preferred name (, has already been registered.

If you don’t want the domain already owned by someone, you might consider using hyphens to create an alternative name.

4) Don’t use numbers

Avoid using numbers in your domain names if possible. This can lead to confusion (e.g. Was it, or ).

If you need to use a number however, ensure that you register both the numerical and written versions of your domain name ( or

5) Get a thesaurus

You can use a Thesaurus to help you find inspiration and come up with names that aren’t already taken.

Say you run an adventure tour company and you want to register – but somebody has already registered the domain name. allows you to quickly search for the word ‘exciting’ and will provide an alternative such as ‘breathtakingly sensational or fascinating.

Don’t be afraid of using a little imagination. Companies like Google and Yahoo! A unique web address has been a huge benefit to them.

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