Making Use of a PDF Editor

Making Use of a PDF Editor
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Published – 08/27/2019 3:43 pm

PDF is a Portable Document Format that allows a viewer to be able to see a document or compilation of documents within one convenient file.

This format is used for e-books, reports, datasheets, and the exchange of documents via the Internet. A PDF editor allows for the editing of the Portable Document Format. The user can edit the text in both text and Rich Text Format documents. PDFs are thought to be the most popular form for exchanging documents over the Internet.

Simple PDF Editor

The Simple PDF Editor is less complex, but it allows the user to place pictures, tables, and text in a document while also formatting fonts. Bullet and numbering can be placed with the RTF document as well. RTF documents can be edited easily through the PDF editor even though they are less compliant than text documents.

Mechanics of the PDF Editor

Several objects can be highlighted to be changed all at one time. A palette with multiple colors allows the user to refine the color of text and line objects. Also, it is possible to add, delete, extract pages, move, resize, and rotate. You can place page numbers and headers with footers into the document. Shapes are easily placed within the document, such as circles, rectangles, lines, and other graphic objects.

A toolbar at the upper portion of the page allows the user to add in author, compression, header and footer, page size, orientation, title, viewer preferences, and security.

Security Measures of the PDF Editor

Some security measures come with the PDF Editor. One of the primary purposes of a PDF editor is to have a secure document that no one without proper jurisdiction can edit. The PDF Editor allows the user to make up a password to ensure they are the only user who will be able to gain access to the document for editing purposes.

Other Features of the PDF Editor

Some additional features of the PDF Editor are the capability of editing pictures and or scanned files. There is a grid available to align objects as needed in the document. There is a ruler for measuring items in the document to give it the appropriate measurements.

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