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Peterson Speaker Series – Hybrid Organizations | December 3, 2015

Peterson Speaker Series – Hybrid Organizations | December 3, 2015

An increasing number of business are choosing to organize in structures not traditional seen in for-profit business, which offer opportunities for them to blur the boundaries between the public, private, and non-profit sectors and achieve greater social impact.

These organizations can also be defined as hybrid organizations, enterprises that design their business models based on the alleviation of a particular social or environmental issue, including many benefit corporations (B-Corps) and cooperatives.

Hybrid organizations offer an innovative new approach to capitalism and an alternative structure for organizations with goals that extend beyond short-term profits. The B-Corp certification began in 2007 and now includes over 1,300 businesses from 41 countries and over 121 industries. B-Corps and many hybrid organizations pledge to meet stringent social and environmental standards, and acknowledge that long-term sustainability relies on accounting for stakeholder interests.

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