What Do Ebay Buyers Really Want?


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If you were considering selling products on eBay, would it help you to know what eBay buyers were looking for, and no one else was supplying?

It seems like a rhetorical question with an obvious answer, but few eBay sellers are taking advantage of an opportunity that is free for the taking.

There is a section called “Want-It-Now” on the eBay site, and you’ve likely seen it. Still, you should look into it because there is a literal goldmine of information available to anyone who takes the time to analyze the data supplied.

Smart eBay sellers use this readily available information to extract high demand and low competition products and niche selling ideas from the data.

The “Want It Now” section is a place where hungry eBay buyers post their requests to purchase a specific product or service. eBay sellers can respond to these posts by directing the prospective buyer to their own auctions.

If a lightbulb is going off in your head right now, you are very astute and ahead of the curve in terms of competitive market advantage.

It’s a simple idea, and you are looking for a repetitive trend in what “Want It Now” buyers are looking for. If several posts seek the same product or service, you’ve identified a high-demand niche with the potential for great selling opportunities.

The key is to identify those product niches that receive little or no responses from eBay sellers. Once you’ve targeted these, you have the sellers’ optimum situation, which is a high-demand product with low competition.

So far, it sounds quite straightforward, but the in-depth analysis required to find the gems is a little more complicated. I had been doing this was to import the raw “Want It Now” data into a spreadsheet program like Excel to sort the data and identify the most promising markets. I’m not proficient with excel, so this became a significant hurdle.

Fortunately, I stumbled across a software solution that simplified the process for me. In a few minutes, I extracted the “Want It Now” data uncovering high demand, low competition product, or niche ideas in minutes.

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