Athletes Who Are Poorer Than You Thought

Athletes Who Are Poorer Than You Thought
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Published – 08/11/2018 9:00 pm

Becoming a professional athlete is like winning the lottery twice.

First, athletes get to focus their lives on playing a game that they love. And second, many of them earn salaries in the $100 million-plus range, and that’s not even counting the extra bucks they rake in from sneaker and hot dog commercials. However, managing a fortune requires a completely different set of skills, and many athletes are too busy perfecting their game to take any financial planning classes. With that in mind, here are some world-class athletes whose bank accounts may not be what you thought…

Curt Schilling | 0:35
Marion Jones | 1:24
Allen Iverson | 2:24
Boris Becker | 3:26
Dennis Rodman | 4:21
Evander Holyfield | 5:08
Darryl Strawberry | 6:29

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