Naomi Campbell Sacrificed Her Love Life For Her Career

Naomi Campbell Sacrificed Her Love Life For Her Career
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Published – 09/25/2021 6:44 pm

In the 90s and 2000s, this top model beauty was the queen of the fashion industry.

And for anyone who’s been following Naomi’s career, you know that this model puts her career ahead of her love life!

Fans were amazed when the star announced her new “plus one” – Naomi Campbell revealed on Instagram that she is a new parent to a baby girl!

Since welcoming her first child, Naomi has been very private about the new addition and hasn’t revealed her daughter’s name or details about her birth.

Naomi said she’s lucky to be a parent to her “dream child”!

Throughout her decades-long career as one of the world’s top, sought-after models, Naomi continued to put work first – sacrificing finding her “soulmate” in favour of her career in modelling.

Becoming a mom at 50 is a huge undertaking and fans are wondering if she’s doing it all by herself, or if there’s a secret partner in her life that Naomi is keeping low-key.

Naomi Campbell has come a long way in her career and now, she’s taking on one of the most challenging roles of all! She gave up a lot to get where she is today!

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