The Real Reason Audrey Roloff Quit Little People Big World

The Real Reason Audrey Roloff Quit Little People Big World
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Published – 09/12/2018 1:00 am

When Little People, Big World stars Audrey and Jeremy Roloff announced their departure from the show in July 2018, fans were shocked.

Some viewers assumed the parents would stay on to share their daughter Ember’s milestones with fans, while others speculated they’d at least stick around to bulk up the baby’s college fund. On the flip side, Jeremy Roloff had spent 14 years in front of the TLC cameras, so it’s reasonable to assume he was simply ready to move on. But Audrey’s motives seemed less clear. From issues with negative fans to tough parenting struggles, Audrey had a lot on her plate while filming the show. But just what made her finally leave? Here’s the real reason Audrey quit Little People Big World…

Diving into her writing | 0:37
A new podcast | 1:14
Reality TV almost ruined her wedding | 1:39
Jeremy made the call | 2:41
The reality of motherhood | 3:17
She’s a shade magnet | 4:17
Going for that Insta-fame | 4:58

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