Why Hollywood Dropped Chris Colfer

Why Hollywood Dropped Chris Colfer
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Published – 11/07/2018 1:00 am

Almost immediately after Glee premiered in 2009, many predicted that co-star Chris Colfer would become one of Hollywood’s most sought-after stars.

But theses days he’s rarely seen…at least in front of the camera. Since leaving Glee in 2015, Colfer has quietly transformed himself from an on-camera A-Lister to a behind-the-scenes powerhouse. So what exactly does he have going on? Let’s investigate…

He’ll always be Kurt | 0:24
Busy behind the scenes | 1:08
Finding success offscreen | 1:52
More than a song-and-dance man? | 2:51
Writing his own story | 3:29
A future worth singing about | 4:19

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