Bioshock: The Story & Characters Explained

Bioshock: The Story & Characters Explained

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In this video, we explain the story of Bioshock and take a look at its characters. Bioshock is a science fiction/horror action game set deep beneath the surface of the Atlantic ocean in an underwater city called Rapture. Rapture is the creation of businessman Andrew Ryan, who gathered the finest minds in the world together in one place to build a utopia far from the world above. However, Rapture has fallen and its inhabitants have gone crazy. What’s more a mysterious man named Jack crash lands directly over Rapture and is forced to head inside. But why? What is the story of Bioshock and its characters? In this video – Bioshock explained we take a look at all major characters and plot points as we go through the events that went down at Rapture step by step.


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