Cool Gaming Setup Accessories Under $20

Cool Gaming Setup Accessories Under $20
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Gaming rooms quickly gained popularity in the home.

They expand gaming stations from a small space in a bedroom or corner to more sophisticated and well-designed setups. And since the pandemic, streaming has become a common practice. With gaming content creators rising to the occasion. And so we’ve trolled the market to find the best gaming setups.

We’ll be explaining the basics and debates surrounding gaming areas so that you can create the gaming setup of your dreams. This list is as varied as we can make it so you don’t have to choose between style and functionality. We’ll be showing things like simple desk designs, minimalist gaming rooms, cool headphone stands, and more. There will be tips and specs from the owners and we’ve also made sure to include prices as well as links to the products whenever possible.

And so I was shopping on Amazon trying to find a few cool items I could add to my desk setup. And here’s what I found…So if you’re on a budget and you’re not sure which accessories to buy, here are some items you may like that are cheap and cool: 

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So you can check out or buy these items on Amazon from the links below if you like:

The Logitech F310, Razer Base Station V2, Corsair M65 Elite RGB Gaming Mouse, and Thrustmaster ESWAP X Pro are definitely must have items. And choosing the right accessory for your budget will make all the difference when you start playing competitive games and enjoying yourself! Just remember to stay away from bad products and go for the coolest items.

Logitech F310

 The Logitech F310 gaming controller delivers a console-like gaming experience to your PC. Its molded rubber grips, 1.8-meter cord, and superior D-pad glide over four switches for precise control. The F310’s easy-to-use interface is easy to use and set up. And if you want a truly authentic gaming experience, you can get the Logitech Big Picture, which allows you to play games while sitting on your couch.

 Besides being comfortable, the Logitech F310 gaming controller can be purchased for less than $20. These controllers are compatible with most modern PC games. The F310 Gamepad has a variety of customizable buttons and directional controls, so you can easily customize your game experience. You can download the Logitech software to customize the buttons on the gamepad to suit your preferences. While this controller is compatible with Windows PCs, it does not support Mac computers.

 The Logitech F310 gaming controller is designed to be the only PC gamepad you’ll ever need. It’s compatible with most modern PC titles, including the newest ones, and even works with older titles by switching the input standards. If you play a lot of older PC games, the F310 is compatible with them, but the pack-ins you’ll need for those games are not included in the purchase price.

Razer Base Station V2

If you’re looking for a new headset stand, consider the Razer Base Station V2. The Razer V2 is a stylish, flashy accessory that is available in three different colors. It doesn’t function as a central hub, but it does come with two USB 3.1 ports and a non-slip base. The V2 is also compatible with Razer Central, which allows you to easily control the accessories on your gaming PC.

This base station is designed for gamers who have a PC with Chroma lighting, but it’s not limited to those who have a gaming console. Made of durable plastic, the base station can be disassembled for easy transportation and storage. The included cable and stand are both easy to connect and disconnect. In addition to its RGB lighting, the Razer Base Station V2 also supports 7.1 surround sound.

You can also get a high-quality microphone from Razer. The SM-58 has a size similar to a soda can, but it still looks professional. The microphone has a volume control, mute button, and 48KHz sample rate. The microphone has good background cancellation. It’s worth mentioning that the Razer base station V2 gaming accessories have excellent reviews.

Corsair M65 Elite RGB Gaming Mouse

If you’re looking for a wired gaming mouse, the CORSAIR M65 RGB Elite is a great choice.  Both models offer 18,000 DPI sensors and adjustable weights and thumb buttons. Depending on your preferences, you can even customize the shape of the button by adjusting the click sensitivity.

If you enjoy playing first-person shooter games, the Corsair M65 Elite RGB gaming mouse is an excellent choice. It features an 18,000 DPI optical sensor, an adjustable DPI sniper button, and a tunable weight system. Currently, there’s only a black model, but you can find more colors and a higher-end model for the same price.

As you can see, a gaming mouse can be expensive. Fortunately, Corsair and MSI have plenty of affordable options available. While a wireless Corsair M65 Elite RGB Gaming Mouse may be less expensive, you shouldn’t sacrifice quality. Some affordable models even feature programmable buttons, customizable DPI levels, and RGB lighting. However, they’re usually lacking in features like onboard memory and onboard DPI throttling.

Thrustmaster ESWAP X Pro

Thrustmaster makes swapping out its controller parts very easy with a tool included with each kit. You can easily swap the analog sticks and D-pad and still get the same great experience. The stick features adjustable thumb surfaces. The D-pad is removable and is also adjustable. The Thrustmaster ESWAP X Pro supports both the traditional Xbox analog stick layout and the parallel PlayStation layout.

The Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro controller features a wired design that mirrors the shape and grip style of next-gen gamepads. It also comes with four programmable buttons on the rear of the controller, which can be mapped to any button on the console. It also allows you to swap the sides, which is a great feature if you’re always playing different games.

Thrustmaster ESWAP X Pro controller is a premium licensed Xbox controller with an ergonomic design. It is easy to use and features a full-button layout, reinforced ring construction, and vibration feedback motors on the triggers. It is compatible with both Xbox One and Windows. It is also compatible with PC and Mac computers. For a gaming experience that rivals the Xbox One and Xbox 360, consider picking up one of these Thrustmaster accessories. They’re well worth the money.

Thrustmaster’s ESWAP X Pro controller is a great option for serious gamers and those who want to customize their layout. It is also ideal for casual gamers. It features a two-meter-long micro-USB cable. When you plug it into your PC, you can use the Thrustmapper software suite to fine-tune your controller settings. You can even adjust the trigger sensitivity to activate sooner or later. There is also a software program for controlling vibrations.

Sony Pulse 3D gaming headset

The Pulse 3D wireless gaming headset is designed to match the PS5. The headset is Bluetooth-compatible but lacks a boom mic. Although it is wireless, the headset has a 3.5mm audio jack. The headset is comfortable to wear for long gaming sessions. A downside is that the microphone doesn’t extend out far enough to pick up the ambient noise from the game.

The Pulse 3D gaming headset is comfortable and lightweight. The Velcro-and-elastic design is not the most comfortable to work with, but it does keep the headset in place. Its lightweight design is comfortable, though it might slide out of position if you move your head. Another downside is the lack of touch controls or ANC. You may be able to turn it off or on manually, but the headset might not fit perfectly on your head.

The Pulse 3D wireless headset pairs with both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 via a USB port. While this headset lacks Bluetooth support, it is still compatible with most computers and mobile devices. It comes with a 3.5mm cable for connecting to a phone or other device. However, you may not want to use the Pulse 3D wireless headset for long gaming sessions. If you don’t want to sacrifice comfort, opt for a Bluetooth headset.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S

The HyperX Cloud Alpha S gaming headphones are also a great choice for gamers. With its award-winning red memory foam ear cushions, expanded headband, softer leatherette, and durable aluminum frame, these headphones provide excellent comfort and support. They also have in-line audio controls and a noise-canceling microphone. They are perfect for PC and other platforms with 3.5mm audio ports. And they’re made for comfort, not bulk.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha S gaming headphones come packaged neatly and well. The headset is secured in its plastic travel case so that it doesn’t get scratched or damaged. The headphones sound great and aren’t too flashy. They feature the HyperX logo on the ear cups, but otherwise, they are very subtle. I also love that the headphones come with an included travel pouch and additional cloth ear cushions.

You can use the HyperX Cloud Alpha S to connect to your PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile devices. The audio cable also has a 2-m audio control mixer that works with PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC. You won’t believe how comfortable it is! Its high-quality audio is also great for chats and music.

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