Sony SHUTS THEM DOWN | Big AAA Exclusive Games for PS5, First Party IP Is “Special and Valuable”


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There has been a lot of speculation from many gamers about what Sony’s plans are for next generation with the PS5. Many were convinced that Sony would end up following what Microsoft has done with Game Pass and their first party games but it seems that is not what’s going to happen at all. Sony shuts them down and makes itself crystal clear by reaffirming their stance on big AAA exclusive games for their console and platform. Sony CEO even went on record saying they will continue to treat their exclusives as major entertainment events and that their first party ip if incredibly special and valuable. Sony will not be releasing their first party games on PS Now day and date, they plans to keep the launch as pure and clean as possible.

On top of that we have the major news that Guerrilla Games Hermen Hulst is now the head of Sony worldwide studios and Shuhei Yoshida is now in charge of a new PlayStation branch that focuses on independent developers.Some amazing news all around.

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