They Want So Badly To Convince You Death Stranding is Trash But They Couldn’t Be More Wrong

They Want So Badly To Convince You Death Stranding is Trash But They Couldn’t Be More Wrong
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Ever since the review embargo for Death Stranding lifted there has been a lot of conversation surrounding this game. It seems that because some review outlets didn’t find the game as fun or light hearted as they had hoped, this means the game is now trash? Iv’e seen so many people try to tell me and many other to “admit” this game is garbage or is terrible.

This is pretty pathetic and you can clearly tell who is out here trying to bring this game down to a level it certainly doesn’t belong. The fact of the matter is DS has a very good metacritic score and it seems that anyone who is a fan of Hideo Kojimas previous work will find something within this game to love. It’s so sad how many are out here acting as if IGN is the final word all of a sudden on whether a video game is good or bad. These people are clearly against Death Stranding and Kojima and want to see a game like this fail. Too bad for them it’s already turning out to be a success.

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