A Guide to Men’s Sexual Health

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Published – 08/13/2019 9:08 pm

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sexual health is primarily geared towards women. However, men, particularly those who are sexually active are also at risk for sexual problems. Whether gay or straight, sexual health is an important aspect of a man’s life and must be paid particular attention to. Threats on men’s sexual health must be prevented and diminished, not only for their safety but also for that of their partners.

Parameters of Male Sexual Health

A couple have problems in bed. He has no sexual desire.
A couple having problems in bed because his sex drive gone. A dwindling intimate life, dealing with impotence, anxiety or depression.

Men’s sexual health is usually determined by several factors. These factors include the following:

* Physical Health

Men who are physically fit and healthy generally have better sexual health than men who do not look after their diet or practice regular physical activity. Weak cardiovascular constitution, underdeveloped muscles, and poor blood circulation also contribute to poor sexual health. A weak body is also more prone and susceptible to infections which can weaken a man’s resistance to sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

* Psychological Health

Contrary to popular belief, a man’s physical constitution is not the sole determinant of sexual health. Often, some sexual problems are direct effects of a man’s emotional problems. For example, it is commonly observed that physically healthy men who suffer for erectile dysfunction have a serious lack of confidence or are riddled with anxiety performance disorders.

* Social Activities

Men who are in monogamous sexual relationships are at lesser risks for sexual problems compared to men who enter polygamous relationships. Drug addiction also puts a man at a greater risk for infection especially if he uses intravenous drugs.

Problems with sex
Problems with premature ejaculation.

Risks to Men’s Sexual Health

Male sexual health can be threatened by several diseases and disorders. Some of these risks include:

* Ejaculation Disorders

There are three common forms of ejaculation disorder in men. These are premature ejaculation, retarded ejaculation, and retrograde ejaculation. Premature ejaculation happens when due to an excess of sexual arousal, anxiety, or loss of control, a man ejaculates before or soon after penetration. Retarded ejaculation occurs when an ejaculation comes too slow that prevents orgasm. Retrograde ejaculation happens when the ejaculate is forced back into the bladder instead of being released at orgasm.

* Erectile Dysfunction

Another term for this disorder is impotence. This happens when a man is unable to have or sustain an erection long enough for sexual intercourse and ejaculation. As such, he is unable to introduce his semen into his partner reproductive system to induce a pregnancy. This is often caused by psychological trauma or an effect of certain medications.

* Inhibited Sexual Desire

This can be loosely translated to a loss or decrease in a man’s libido levels. Often associated with low testosterone levels, inhibited sexual desire may also be triggered by medications, psychological problems, and some illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure.

* Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections Image result for STDs

Men usually get infected with STIs and STDs following unhealthy and unprotected sexual relationships with an infected partner. Usual signs of STDs and STIs include: difficulty in urinating, bloody urine, foul penile discharge, sores, lesions, and excessive itching in the genitalia.

Immediate medical assistance must be sought when it comes to problems concerning male sexual health. Diagnosis is usually done through physical and psychological exams, as well as a thorough evaluation of medical history. Treatment usually comes in two phases: medical treatment for physical symptoms and psychological therapy for mental and social factors.

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