Six Lies That Block Your Spiritual Awakening & Keep You Trapped In The Third Dimension

Six Lies That Block Your Spiritual Awakening & Keep You Trapped In The Third Dimension
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Published – 01/10/2020 11:52 pm

In this video Wayne Dyer gives an incredible speech on how these six lies we’re taught as a child can trap us into living through the ego, the most common source of all pain, suffering, unhappiness and feeling lost.

As you listen to this talk I encourage you to have an honest internal examination and ask yourself “Are you living by any (or all) of these lies without even being aware of it?” I know some of them resonated with me, while they had been going completely under the radar to myself in my life.

The first step to becoming connected with our true spiritual nature is to become aware of the lies of the ego that are manifesting themselves through our words and actions, so we can begin to catch it in our waking day and make changes accordingly.

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