TAOISM | The Fasting of the Heart (An Ultimate Detox)

TAOISM | The Fasting of the Heart (An Ultimate Detox)
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Published – 06/04/2020 6:00 pm

In psychology, as well as popular culture, we see the emerging of different types of detox.

The dopamine detox, for example, also called the ‘dopamine fast’ is currently presented as a way to “reset” our brain’s reward system, by abstaining from all kinds of activities that bring pleasure.

The idea of detoxing ourselves from outside influences isn’t new. The ancient Taoists acknowledged the value of letting our minds rest, so we stop the exhausting maelstrom of judging, identifying, analyzing, fantasizing, et cetera. According to the Taoists, silencing our faculties for a while not only replenishes our energy, it also brings us closer to a mysterious and incomprehensible force referred to as ‘Tao’.

The ‘fasting of the heart’ entails temporary abstinence from intellectual as well as sensual activity. This concept isn’t just about detoxing the mind; it’s about detoxing the soul, by shutting down the mind and the senses.

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