Things Only A True INFJ Would Understand

Things Only A True INFJ Would Understand
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Published – 07/07/2018 1:15 pm

Things you’ll only understand if you’re an INFJ!

From shyness to being an introvert we look at the world’s rarest personality type from the Myers Briggs personality test

15. All by Myself – INFJs are known for being inside their heads most of the time, having more inner dialogue than what they express around other people. Because of their never ending string of thoughts, it’s easy for them to feel isolated, even when they’re surrounded by friends. It may seem contradictory, but people who possess this personality type feel lonelier in a group than they do when they’re actually alone. Since INFJs are within the lowest percentile of the sixteen character varieties, they often sense that they’re misunderstood. Extroverted people feed off of those around them, gaining energy by being a part of social gatherings, but for INFJs it’s the opposite. It can be anxiety-causing, stress-inducing, and draining for not-so-social-butterflies to have to participate in interactions like this.

14. Communication – Since people with this personality type are so introverted, it is surprising that they are experts in communication when they open up. INFJs are intelligent, often book-read, and take a lot of time considering other people’s feelings. Plus, they are said to be able to sense the emotions of those around them. So, by examining these factors, one can see how INFJs can speak effectively to individuals and large groups if need be. In fact, there are many famous people with this personality type that everyone recognizes for their amazing speech-giving skills. Some of these renowned human beings include Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, and Mother Teresa. In fact, Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech is one of the most memorable and moving orations of all time. Although it isn’t set in stone, these remarkable people are often classified as INFJs. So, even though they often prefer not to be outspoken, some of the recommended career paths for these unique folks are acting, marketing, teaching, and social working.

13. Organization – We’ve already discussed that INFJs have a constant chain of thoughts and an insane amount of inner dialogue. Because their brains are never at rest, it isn’t shocking that they sometimes feel mentally jumbled. Due to the lack of organization within, it’s important for them to maintain a harmonic atmosphere in their homes, at work, or at school. Keeping a calm environment helps INFJs deal more efficiently with the turmoil they face inside on a daily basis. It’s not fun to process a million thoughts at once, meanwhile dealing with clutter around the house. So if your INFJ friend is coming over, be a pal and tidy up, buttercup!

12. Intuitive – Considering it is the second word in the acronym for this personality type, it’s not surprising that these unique people are very intuitive. Opposed to their detail-focused counterparts, INFJs are more abstract. They pay more attention to overall events than specific aspects. So, rather than remembering the particulars of a conversation they had or precise interactions, they recall experiences by how they felt during them and from the impressions they left. INFJs are also often known for “reading between the lines.” While most people pay attention to what is explicitly said or done to them, people with this personality trait recognize the meaning behind incidents or individuals’ actions. Their intuition also plays into the fact that they trust their feelings more than what actually happened to them. INFJs have more faith in their perceptions than they do in logic, thus making decisions based on instinct instead of rationale. This reliance on intuition also determines their thought-process regarding problem-solving and often leads to eliminating ideas before attempting to follow through with them if they suspect a negative outcome.

11. Helping Others – Although they can seem withdrawn during interactions with others, don’t think that INFJs don’t care or aren’t listening. In fact, folks with this personality type care a lot about the people they come into contact with, especially if they’re close to them. Their focus on those around them is a strong guiding factor in how they behave. Their main goal is usually to keep things running smoothly and make their friends and family happy. INFJs experience a lot of emotions that go along with their aspirations to help. They frequently believe they know how people are feeling, and although what they perceive isn’t always correct, they generally think they recognize what someone needs. In fact, sometimes INFJs are so intent on keeping others content, they often forget about themselves.

Watch the video for the rest.

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