What a sex worker can teach us about human connection | Nicole Emma

What a sex worker can teach us about human connection | Nicole Emma
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Published – 12/18/2018 4:32 pm

“In a society that values strong, stoic alpha males, where can a man find space to be vulnerable?

Nicole Emma, a sex worker with 18 years of experience, gives a unique perspective on men’s need for connection.

About the speaker:
Nicole Emma is a relationship and intimacy coach, and sex worker.” What can the people at the edges of society teach us about ourselves? About Love? Cultivated through a life of connecting with people at the edges of our community, Nicole shares a message of unconditional love and acceptance. She has an insatiable curiosity about people, how we think and how we work, especially those outside the boundaries of cultural norms and programming. It’s this desire to truly SEE people that led Nicole to a vibrant career in the sex industry.

Drawing from 18 years in sex work, Nicole observes noteworthy patterns of human behavior, especially those of the most vulnerable demographics, while providing a space for them to experience authentic connection without judgment. Bringing to the public dialog a call to shift societal expectations and address our own biases, Nicole speaks out about how we unintentionally create a fearful and angry society, and how we can shift back into curiosity, balance, and love.

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