How to Crack Your Own Pelvis (Like a Chiropractor)

How to Crack Your Own Pelvis (Like a Chiropractor)
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So maybe you’ve been to a chiropractor, or seen a chiropractic adjusting video, where you’re placed on your side and the doctor does a quick rotational adjustment into the lower back and pelvis — and you get a nice loud CRACK or POP.

You think ‘If I could do this myself, that would be GREAT!’

Well, you’re in luck. In this video, Dr. Rowe shows you how to crack your own pelvis (like a chiropractor).

BONUS: this is also good for sacroiliac (SI) joints and uneven hips. Give it a try!

NOTE: this is a general self mobilization technique ONLY. It’s one that I personally use, simply that. It should not be confused with chiropractic care, nor should be treated as a replacement for professional chiropractic care or seeking medical care with your doctor. Please read the full

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7.3 Total Score

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