10 Cutest Exotic Animals You Can Own as Pets

10 Cutest Exotic Animals You Can Own as Pets
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Published – 07/21/2020 3:48 pm

Do you want to be another boring pet-owner?

Or are you looking to turn a few heads on your next morning stroll with your newest animal-companion? Well, you could brave the mission and opt for a Bengal Tiger like Mike Tyson. But a full grown wildcat is quite a piece of work and not exactly what we had in mind for today’s list. We were thinking a little more cute and exotic: Like the playful Chinchilla or the fluffy Fennec Fox. Perhaps even a Goofy Crested Gecko or a dog-sized Rodent, like the Australian Capybarra. With a little extra research and work, these bizarre and adorable animals could realistically become your next pet. So if you’re looking to turn a few heads and melt a few hearts with your newest, unusual animal-friend, stay tuned as we count down our Top 10 Picks for the Cutest Exotic Animals You Can Actually Own (As Pets). Oh and if you thought crabs couldn’t be sweet, then stay tuned for #1, because this unique and exotic critter is sure to make your aquarium a lot cuter. Ok, let’s get started

00:05 – Welcome
01:11 – Capybara
02:08 – Serval Cat
02:50 – Fennec Fox
04:10 – Box Turtles
05:01 – Chinchilla
05:56 – Sugar Glider
07:01 – Kinka Jou
07:37 – Crested Gecko
09:00 – Capuchin Monkey
09:41 – The Hermit Crab


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