ARIA: 80 Sunreef Power Catamaran [Walkthrough]

ARIA: 80 Sunreef Power Catamaran [Walkthrough]
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Published – 08/01/2020 8:20 pm

ARIA is located in Fort Lauderdale and is the first Sunreef 80 Power to be offered for sale on the brokerage market having only been delivered to her owners in February 2020.

With a volume comparable to much larger monohull, top speed exceeding 20 knots, impressive range over 3,500nm and stability one would expect from a catamaran ARIA represents a truly ground breaking design and has revolutionized the yachting industry.

ARIA includes the following key features and upgrades:
-Full manufacturers warranty transferable to her new owner.
-Upgraded MAN 1200hp V-8 Engines ($450,000+ Option)
-4 Guest Cabin Layout + 2 Separate Crew Accommodations
-Massive 40′ Beam with Shallow 5’6″ Draft
-Top speed over 20 knots
-Cruising range of 3,500nm
-Galley down.
-Wide open Main Salon that opens to the Forward Deck.
-BRIG Navigator 520 w/ 90hp Yamaha Outboard
-SeaDoo Touring GTX LTD 300 Limited

ARIA represents a platform that gives an owner the ability to comfortably cruise the world with the stability of catamaran and the volume of a much larger 100ft+ monohull. She is next generation yachting and is the premier power catamaran in the fastest growing segment of the superyacht market.

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