Building a Cabin from Pallet Wood: Cheap Off Grid Homestead

Building a Cabin from Pallet Wood: Cheap Off Grid Homestead
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Published – 08/10/2019 10:35 pm

We build a cheap off grid cabin using free pallet wood. We saved money building the pallet wood cabin by using recycled pallets.

This is a great off grid wilderness project as pallet wood is light and easy to carry into the forest. It is also easy to work with using hand tools. Many people do not have the space, time or money to build a log cabin. But building a tiny home off grid is still achievable using cheap or even free materials, and that is where pallet wood works so well. Although only small, this one man cabin has a raised bed, folding table, bookshelf and chair – all made from pallet wood. We fit it out with a wood stove to heat it through the winter months and we installed a pipe cooking oven and water tank to boil water and cook food on. The stove heats the cabin up really fast as the cabin is only small. This small hut in the woods has no electricity or power, but that isn’t needed.

To begin with, we started to break the pallets down into useable timber to build the foundations and the frame of the cabin. For the roof we used recycled tin from an old barn roof. We then used an old garden shed window and fit this to the western wall of the cabin. Once the framework and structure of the cabin was complete, we began to some pallet wood projects and focused on building furniture for the inside of the cabin.

We cooked our food over fire using a tripod lashed together bushcraft style until we installed the woodstove. Then we used cast iron cooking gear and the oven to cook up bigger meals. We learned many building skills on this project and it was great to build with hand tools. The pallet cabin still stands to this day, and we use it as a bushcraft camp to practice wilderness survival skills, primitive technology and as a base camp to create more off grid films for you guys.

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