Everything is BIGGER in Texas!

Everything is BIGGER in Texas!
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Published – 05/02/2020 4:53 pm

We’ve All Heard the Saying “Everything is Bigger in Texas” — and We’re Here to Show You That It’s True, Specifically the Houses.

Texas, as Anyone Knows, is a Big State, It’s Bigger Than France, and When It Come to Houses in Texas, the Entry-level Homes Are the Largest in America.Today We Will Take a Look at Some of Texas Largest and Most Amazing Mansions.

Texas Most Amazing Homes and Mega Mansions:
1- Chateau Carnarvon, Comprises 27,000 Square Feet, Eight Bedrooms, Ten Baths on a 2.5-acre, It’s Original $43 Million Asking Price in 2014 Set the Record for Houston’s Most Expensive Residential Listing Ever; Now Reduced to $30 Million, It’s Still the Priciest House on the Market.
Among the Mansion’s Unique Features a 33-foot-tall Domed Ceiling in the Reception Hall, Floors Inlaid With Precious Stones, Wood Paneling in the Library That Was Previously Part of the Old Warwick Hotel and a Banquet Room That Looks Like You’re in Versailles.
Outside, the Gardens Are Dotted With Century-old Imported Olive Trees.
There Are Also Five Kitchens, a Home Theater and a Billiards Room, and the Master Suite Includes a Massage Room.
The Estate Also Houses a Sizable Art Collection and Several Museum-quality Tapestries.

2- As One Views This Iconic Estate Known as La Perse, It is Evident That the Magnificence in Scale and Design Afforded by This Renaissance Masterpiece of Texas Limestone is Unequaled. Embellished With Multi-tiered Gardens, Fountains and Terraces.
The Breathtaking Foyer and Spectacular Floating Grand Staircase Are Indicative of the Powerful Architectural Detail and Quality That Were Created by Master Craftsmen.
This Classic 18th Century Style Home Offers Two Reception Salons and an Elegant Music Room That Mesh Peacefully Into Entertaining at All Levels – Informal Gatherings, Plated Dinners, or Standing Cocktail Receptions.
Glass Doors Open to a Multi-level Outdoor Garden Terraces.
The Far Reaching Beauty of the Splendid Grounds is Celebrated by the Incomparable Views.
A Unique Residence With an Elegant Old-world Exterior True to Its Classic Design Married to a Sophisticated Technologically-enabled Interior.

3- A Magnificent Parisian Estate Makes Quite the Impression
River Oaks Palace Mansion Brings Visions of Old School Grandeur and a $16 Million Price Tag
The Regency-style Home Recalls the Glory of a 17th-century Parisian Hotel Particular.
Superbly Positioned on More Than One Acre, It is Exquisitely Constructed of Texas Cream Limestone, Cast Stone and Steel and Offers Greater Than 14,000 Square Feet of Rare Opulence.
The Home Has a Tiffany-style Glass Domed Ceiling; Indoor Heated Pool, Las Cala Marble Flooring, Hand-carved Mahogany Moldings; Richly Inlaid Hardwood Floors; Crotch-cut Mahogany Paneling and Doors; Sumptuous Marbles; and Superbly Rendered Special Finishes Are Only a Few of This Home’s Extraordinary Features.
This Houston Palace is Priced at $15.9 Million.

5- Champ D’or Estate, Denton County
Champ D’or Estate, the Biggest House in Texas
A 48,000-square-foot Mega Mansion in Denton County, Texas
The Lavish French Chateau-style Palace Was One of the More Unusual Architectural Works in America, Featured in Countless News Articles and Magazines, Set on 40 Acres of Land, Champ D’or Was Built in 2002 at a Cost of $52 Million, According to the Listing
The 17th Century French Architecture Shines From the Moment Guests Come Up the Drive Way, Which is Surrounded by Manicured Lawns and Gardens.
The Entrance to the Four-story Abode is Just as Grand, With a Marble Foyer, Double-height Ceilings and a Staircase With an Iron and Copper Railing Leading to the Ballroom.
With Its Ample Size, the Ballroom is Perfect for Inviting a Few Guests—or a Few Hundred—over for an Impromptu Concert on Its Grand Piano.
Entertaining is Made Easier With a Catering Kitchen With a Commercial-grade Appliances.
The Estate Has Been Re Branded as “the Olana” and is Now a Wedding Venue.

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