Future Homes: Self sufficient living in off-the-grid Tasmanian home

Future Homes: Self sufficient living in off-the-grid Tasmanian home
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Published – 04/13/2020 7:37 pm

Sustainable homes and off-the-grid living is on the rise, and with rising energy costs it’s easy to see why people are unplugging from mains power, disconnecting town water and becoming self-sufficient.

Put simply, off-the-grid living refers to homes that are sustained autonomously without a reliance on municipal resources — such as electricity, water and gas.

In this episode of Future Homes, Tasmanian couple Peter and Robyn show us their exceptional off-grid dream home situated on 80ha of pristine Tasmanian forest.

After living in the suburbs of Sydney, the couple purchased the stunning block of land in Tasmania to build their dream home for retirement. After discovering that the the land was not connected to the grid, they decided to build a self-sufficient home.

Their home does not rely on power for heating or cooling, with the sun providing enough natural light for the house to always remain warm. Where power is required, the home is solar powered with a hydro-generator in the creek in the forest nearby.

The home is built using natural materials from around the property, for example granite-like rock and pine wood. They see the property as a chance to conserve Tasmania’s beautiful forest and wildlife.

The couple also built a fire bunker into the hill by their home, so that they can defend the house in the case of a bushfire. This due to the personal value that self-contained living has given to their home.

They take great pride in the dream home that they have created and consider their home to be an example of how others can lead their lives sustainably. Robyn and Peter hope that sustainable living is the way of the future.

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