Home From The Future – Modern Contemporary Futuristic Home By Brian Foster

Home From The Future – Modern Contemporary Futuristic Home By Brian Foster
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Published – 08/10/2019 11:17 pm

Brian Foster takes you on a personal tour through this Architecturally Significant one-of-a-kind modern desert residence.

This exclusive tour shows a no expense spared exotic curvilinear designed home with geometric walls & ceilings, intense curves and angles, plush amenities, walls of glass, pocket sliding doors & more!

The unique design showcases custom fire features, an infinity edge pool, indoor and outdoor water features, a custom tailored master suite, gourmet outdoor kitchen and lavish entertainment areas with endless views of the greater Palm Springs area.

The artfully crafted design embodies the true essence of the iconic Palm Springs lifestyle while maintaining a style that enables the roots of today’s modern desert classic lifestyle.

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