The Mexican Restaurant Hidden in a Barn on a Rural New York Farm

The Mexican Restaurant Hidden in a Barn on a Rural New York Farm
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Greenane Farms is a small family farm in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York and it’s the type of place that you would never know existed unless someone gave you a heads up.

Patrick and Thanya Rider’s farm raises chicken, pig, cow, goats, sheep, quail, and other livestock. They serve their fresh meats at the farm’s restaurant, which specializes in traditional Mexican food. From carne asada tacos, to Cornish hen mole, to chicken enchiladas, the family restaurant is focused on bringing authentic Mexican flavors to the tiny community of Meredith, New York.

Patrick and Thanya’s story is unique; Thanya comes from Mexico City, while Patrick comes from the rural Catskills. Though their cultures differ, Patrick and Thanya (and much of her extended family) have made a peaceful home for their family, as well as a vibrant community restaurant, at Greenane Farms.

8 Total Score

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