Mind-Blowing Ultra-Compact Eco Tiny House

Mind-Blowing Ultra-Compact Eco Tiny House
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Published – 04/05/2020 11:33 am

This mind blowing tiny house on wheels has it all! Completely off the grid and sized at just 10m2 (107 f2) including the loft, this ultra compact home is packed full of clever design ideas.

Ingenious construction techniques and lightweight, eco-friendly materials make this tiny house perfect for full time living and travel on European roads.

Builder Thomas set out to design and construct a tiny house on wheels that would be perfectly suited to travel throughout France and Europe. It had to be compact, constructed from healthy, eco-friendly materials and be beautiful. All things which he has accomplished in this very clever tiny house design.

This super tiny house is also designed to be completely off the grid, with a brilliant mix of modern and old fashioned technologies to ensure the home is always fully functional, without being wasteful.

In this video we explore the construction materials used to make this lightweight, eco friendly design possible, and we also dive into some really great design discussion around the use of sacred geometry which was used to work out the home’s proportions. Enjoy the full video tour of this very special tiny house on wheels!

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