Real Life on a Remote Island 🏝️ || Palmerston Cook Islands – Population 35

Real Life on a Remote Island 🏝️ || Palmerston Cook Islands – Population 35
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Published – 02/22/2020 6:06 am

Fishing, School, Soccer and Solar Power! What life is really like living on a remote island in the South Pacific Ocean.

Palmerston Island is one of those places we’ll remember forever. It’s the most remote place we’ve ever sailed, but that isn’t what makes it so memorable. The islanders have completely immersed us into their world from the moment we set our feet in the sand.

When we decided to buy a boat and set off into the deep blue, I dreamed of all the possibilities and experiences we would have. But I never expected it to play out so vividly in reality.

Yet, here we are, far away from civilization, living off coconuts and fish, playing with free spirited island kids and seeing firsthand what life is like when you live isolated with 34 of your relatives.

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