Stunning Modern, Minimalist Tiny House

Stunning Modern, Minimalist Tiny House
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Published – 03/20/2020 5:55 pm

Stylish, modern and ultra minimal, this beautiful, architecturally designed tiny house is sure to impress.

From its all-black metal exterior to it’s minimalist plywood interior, this solar-powered home is one you are definitely going to want to check out!

Kelly’s inspiration for the home’s design was borrowed from Kiwi bush huts, being simple, minimal and connected to nature. Her architects took that concept to the next level, designing a home which is beautiful, modern, and cleverly designed to ensure that everything has a place with zero visual clutter.

By building the tiny house, Kelly was able to not only simplify her home, but also her own life. Reduced expenses have enabled her to change her profession into something which brings her more joy and even reduce her working hours.

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