New Gameplay Today – Fire Emblem: Three Houses

New Gameplay Today – Fire Emblem: Three Houses
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Kim shows Cork, Leo and Javy around the first Fire Emblem entry for Nintendo Switch in a few cozy five minute chunks.
Fire Emblem: Three Houses releases on July 26th.


6 Total Score

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  1. there is romance, after a timeskip

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    ♡Midnightfury 07/12/2019 at 9:16 am

    3:31 to each their own, thats all im gonna say about that comment on dimitri

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      ♡Midnightfury 07/13/2019 at 5:48 pm

      @juego987 dude, I’m not even mad. I don’t care

    • Dude, chill…

    • @Jaden Thomas yeah. And it also seems to me that they just wanted to show off that their playing the game 2 weeks early…?🤔I mean who cares if they are but it’s not fair to people like us eagerly waiting to play, just to hear people in this vid sound bland af

    • I agree, I’m picking Black Eagles but only because my two friends are already picking Golden Deer and Blue Lions and I respect Dimitri a lot. That comment was pretty weird to me, especially for a gameplay demonstration.

  3. This also confirms you can change the name of the MC

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    Langley Hollinger 07/12/2019 at 10:30 am

    Get commentators who know what they’re talking about. These are insufferable. Only here because I’m starved for content.

    • @Dumb_Woof I want you to say that again very slowly and realize how long 15 hours is. If they are playing it they might as well have done research for the game

    • @sifil311 we b*tch because we care about the game and don’t want somebody who doesn’t seem to give a damn to “inform” us about the new game in our (favourite?) series in such a disinterested fashion.

    • @sifil311 you’re trying too hard. Be a bit more subtle.

    • Sifl, you’re absolutely pathetic and fighting a battle you have no hope of winning.

    • I’m surprised they didn’t split this game into 3 versions and sold them separately.
      Then they’d have more content just for you!

  5. I’m really sorry if I sound mean right now, but did the commentators actually enjoy the game? It felt like forced, and I was even annoyed with how you dragged some of the characters.

  6. I like Dimitri.

  7. Only 5 minutes to show those things…..Nintendo’s Embargos always seem a little weird at times, don’t they? :/

  8. Can you guys upload gameplay of Three Houses without any commentary next time?

    Feels like these guys don’t know what they talking about or they’re being forced to play this.

    • @sifil311 saw your mom on the hub, at least the money will be able to buy extra salt.

    • AuraBlackquill Not funny, just sad. Probably bitches on Twitter about The Hero getting added to Smash too

    • @sifil311 lmao you look so triggered running to comments to voice your cry baby opinion. You’re funny

    • Could you just not type anything anymore its really annoying and uninformed. Go back to your fire emblem fan fic site. You might need to buy more lube. Your mom saw you were running low and informed me.

  9. Oof. This video is rough and simply misinformed in many areas.

  10. I found the presentation of this very unenthused and also kinda inaccurate plus pretty judgemental of the cast.

    • Reply
      Whonstecle Fabu 07/14/2019 at 2:53 am

      Dude, seriously agree… The presenters were all kinda annoying in how bored and uninformed they were.

  11. all of you really don’t know what you’re talking about huh

    • Lol…

    • @sifil311 Just because one doesn’t like fire emblem doesn’t mean thay can make crappy review video where they have know idea what the fxxk they are talking about. They shouldn’t have made/upload this vieo from the first place. It’s just being disrespectful for those who actually like the game, which btw, there are a lot more Fire Emblem fans than you think. Game reviews are supposed done by the ones who actually know what they are talking about, not by the ones who don’t know nothing about it. Besides, what the dump are you doing here if you don’t care about it? Seriously, stop with this illogical saltiness.

    • @sifil311 If someone is uploading a video in an attempt to explain or showcase gameplay after allegedly spending 15 hours in game, yes I expect the video to be thought out a lot better and more informed than this mess

  12. i would prefer that the people doing the video actually liked the game

  13. “The Yellow Deer.”

  14. It kind of sounds like you didn’t even know what game you were playing. Why were you 15 hours in and didn’t even know Sylvain’s name? Is this not your job to give people an informed run down of your preview? It’s in your channel’s name sis.

    • I agree with gamexplain love those guys but I’d give her a break you wanna say so much in such little time and they are asking ball buster questions too . I agree tho wasn’t good

    • Gamexplain did a better one. Watch them

    • Gotta rush it to get the video and views asap my dude. Welcome to the real world.

    • It did seem a bit disoriented. She might be a first time player which is fine, but a few things were off.

  15. For a channel called game informer, they don’t know a lot.

  16. There is a loooot of misinformation in this video but there is also a lot of good new footage

  17. Wow… that was rushed as hell. I’ve seen other previews which took their time. Compared to them, this is just annoying. The skipping of the voice clips especially pissed me off.
    And well, at some points i felt like i know more about the game than you, although i didn’t play it yet… yeah this video was not that good, sorry

  18. of course, it’s accompanied by idiots talking.

  19. Reply
    Clayton Ramaker 07/13/2019 at 9:55 pm

    You CAN marry your students. It has been confirmed, but only after the 5 year time-skip

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