California May Start School Year in Summer, Governor Newsom Says


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Apr.28 — California Governor Gavin Newsom says the state, which has closed schools for the academic year, is considering bumping up the start of the new school year to late July or early August.

He speaks at his daily press conference.

What is Governor Newsom’s proposal for California’s school year schedule?

California May Start School Year in Summer, Governor Newsom Says

Governor Gavin Newsom has proposed that California should begin the school year in July or August rather than September, saying that a prolonged summer break could improve academic performances, increase funding and better align with the needs of working parents.

At a press conference in San Diego, the governor announced his plan to “look at the education calendar” and “challenging the status quo” to overhaul the way schools are run in California. Newsom said he hoped to bring more “innovation and creativity” to the state’s education system through a new schedule.

The idea is to create a year-round school schedule that would offer more opportunities for students, including internships, mentorships, and summer learning programs. Such a schedule would allow students to more easily build upon knowledge and experience they gained during the school year, by providing a shorter summer break.

The proposal has generated mixed reactions from educators and parents. Some argue that starting school earlier would allow for more academic continuity and give students time to catch up in subjects where they may be falling behind. Other critics say it could pose problems for teachers who already work long hours and may not be able to manage their schedules around an early start to the academic year.

While the proposal is still in its early stages, Newsom’s statement is seen as an indication of his willingness to place education reform high on his priority list as governor. The proposal echoes similar reforms in other countries such as Japan, which have had success in improving literacy and retention rates.

As the state reimagines how we educate our students, Newsom’s proposal is a bold step in the right direction that puts student success and achievement at the forefront. However, it remains to be seen how this new schedule will affect the lives of California students and teachers, and ultimately whether it will produce the desired outcomes.

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