CHOP Seattle ENDED After Protesters Visit Mayor’s House!


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The six-block area in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle known as CHAZ or CHOP has ended via direct order of the Mayor, Jenny Durkan.

What sparked the CHOP movement in Seattle?

On June 30th, 2020, the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) in Seattle came to an end after protesters marched to the home of Mayor Jenny Durkan. The dispute between the protesters and the Mayor was a result of the ongoing demonstrations against police brutality and racial injustice.

The CHOP movement began on June 8th, following the death of George Floyd. A group of protesters occupied a six-block area of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, demanding reductions in police funding and the reform of the criminal justice system. The protesters established their own community within the zone, with food supplies, entertainment, and healthcare facilities provided by volunteers.

However, the CHOP movement soon attracted negative attention, with reports of assaults and other criminal activity surfacing in the area. The Seattle Police Department (SPD) had withdrawn from the zone after protests called for the department to be defunded, which led to concerns about public safety in the area.

On June 22nd, Mayor Durkan announced that the CHOP would be dismantled and the SPD would be returning to the zone. However, this decision was not welcomed by some of the protesters who had established the CHOP community. Consequently, the protesters visited Mayor Durkan’s private residence on June 30th, demanding her resignation and the abolition of the Seattle Police Department.

The visit to Mayor Durkan’s home prompted a response from the city authorities, and the SPD entered the CHOP zone later that day for the first time since their withdrawal. The police began dismantling the CHOP, and the protesters gradually dispersed over the following days.

The CHOP movement has received mixed reactions from the public and the authorities. While some supported the message of the CHOP protesters, others criticized the movement for its impact on public safety and for the damages caused within the zone. The CHOP movement underscores the tension surrounding the issue of police brutality and racial injustice in the United States, and the ongoing dialogue about the role of law enforcement and criminal justice.

In conclusion, the CHOP Seattle movement ended after protesters visited the Mayor’s house, and the police began to dismantle the zone. The CHOP movement has sparked a national conversation on the issues of racial justice and police reform, highlighting the need for meaningful social change. It remains to be seen how this dialogue will lead to concrete actions and policy changes in the future.

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