CNN reporter describes ‘chaos’ as riot police charge protesters


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CNN’s Anna Coren reports from inside a Hong Kong subway station where riot police charged at protesters who were attempting to peacefully leave the demonstration.

This incident comes as thousands of marchers packed a town near Hong Kong’s border with China to condemn police violence.

What was the reaction of political leaders to the violence that occurred on January 6th?

On Wednesday, a CNN reporter witnessed and reported on the chaotic scene that unfolded as riot police charged protesters near the U.S. Capitol.

As supporters of President Trump gathered in Washington D.C. to protest the certification of Joe Biden’s election win, tensions rose and violence erupted. Despite pleas from the president-elect and other political leaders to maintain peace, some protesters stormed the Capitol building, resulting in clashes with law enforcement.

Among the reporters covering the scene was CNN’s Phil Mattingly, who described the frenzied atmosphere as riot police moved in to disperse the crowd. In a series of tweets, he documented the chaos and violence that he witnessed firsthand.

“Riot police now pushing crowd of Trump supporters back from the Capitol. A lot of yelling, confrontation, and pushing,” Mattingly reported as events began to escalate.

As the situation worsened, Mattingly continued to describe the scene, noting the use of tear gas, flash-bang grenades, and other tactics by police attempting to control the situation. “Chaotic situation as Capitol police try to evacuate people amid violent protests,” he wrote.

The violence culminated in the storming of the Capitol by a large group of protesters, who broke windows, vandalized offices, and clashed with law enforcement inside the building. In the aftermath, four people were reported dead and dozens more arrested.

Throughout the unfolding events, Mattingly and his fellow reporters continued to provide updates and commentary on the situation, even as they were forced to evacuate the building due to safety concerns.

The events of January 6th serve as a stark reminder of the ongoing tensions in American politics and the potential for violence when those tensions boil over. The actions of the rioters have been condemned by leaders across the political spectrum, with many calling for accountability for those responsible for the violence.

The role of reporters such as Mattingly in documenting and reporting on these events cannot be overstated. Their tireless work in bringing the truth to the public is essential to maintaining the integrity of our democracy and ensuring that justice is served.

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