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The Reason You Shouldn’t Go To The Grocery Store For 2 Weeks

In an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19, 42 states have ordered people to stay at home unless they’re


Negative Oil Prices Explained.

It goes without saying that oil should be a relatively valuable commodity, given how useful it is, how limited its


Stimulus Check 2: When will the Next Stimulus Pass?

Stimulus Check 2 Here’s what Kevin thinks is h


Michigan Residents Flood State Capitol to Protest Whitmer’s Stay-At-Home Order

Hundreds of people angry over Michigan’s coronavirus stay-at-home order protested in the rain outside the


GOP Senator Burr steps down amid ongoing investigation

GOP Senator Burr steps down. Republican Senator


Trump authorizes arrests of anyone vandalizing monuments

Trump authorizes arrests. Fox News contributor


NYPD officers encouraged to call out sick on July 4th

NYPD Officers Police walkouts and sick outs have


Barack Obama offers stark warning to Democrats during joint fundraiser with Joe Biden

Former President Barack Obama urged supporters to do more to back the White House campaign of former Vice President


Unusual animal behavior in China; Beijing like ‘ghost town’ amid coronavirus; Massive floods

A strange sight appears across China: fish jumping out of the water. It’s sparking fears of an incoming natural d


Infection rates continue to rise in India and Latin America

While many countries are focused on preventing a second wave of Covid-19, others are still very much struggling


Disney shares drop as company delays reopening of California Disneyland

Shares of Walt Disney (DIS.N) went down 2.0% on Thursday after the media company postponed the reopening of the


18 People Contract COVID-19 After 30th Birthday Party

Coronavirus is not showing any sign of slowing down, especially in the south and west of the United


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