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Kaydee Asher filmed her experience with COVID-19.

She said if it happened to her, it could happen to you.

What lessons can we learn from the author’s experience with COVID-19?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect people across the globe, young individuals like myself have not been immune to the virus’s grip. At 16 years old, I never imagined that I would need hospitalization to fight the virus twice, but that is precisely what happened to me.

The first time I tested positive for COVID-19, I knew something was wrong. The symptoms started with a headache, followed by fatigue and shortness of breath. After several days of feeling unwell, I decided to get tested, and the result came back positive. At first, my parents and I thought that we could manage the virus’s symptoms at home, but my condition soon worsened.

Within just a few days, I was struggling to breathe, and my body temperature had shot up to 103 degrees Fahrenheit. My parents knew that we needed immediate medical attention, and so they rushed me to the hospital. Going to the hospital was a daunting experience, as we were constantly reminded of the severity of the virus. The hospital staffs were welcoming, but I could tell they were fighting an uphill battle.

The hospital environment was different from anything I had experienced before. The atmosphere was tense, and seeing patients come in and out of the hospital was a constant reminder of the severity of the disease. Nevertheless, the medical professionals exhibited incredible camaraderie and hard work, and they did everything in their power to make us feel comfortable.

Under their care, I slowly started to recover. After spending ten days in the hospital, I was finally healthy enough to go home. Even then, it took me a few more weeks to fully recover from the virus.

Unfortunately, the recovery didn’t last long as I tested positive for COVID-19 once again, a few months later. This time, my symptoms were not as severe, and I had to spend only four days in the hospital. However, I was still scared, and the situation reminded me of the first time I was hospitalized.

As a young person, experiencing COVID-19 can be confusing and scary, especially when it leads to hospitalization. It’s been an eye-opening experience, and I know that I can’t take my health for granted anymore. Although the virus has been defeated twice, it’s still out there, and I hope that others my age can take my story as a reminder to stay safe and take every precaution necessary to protect their health.

The pandemic has affected millions of people worldwide, and I have been one of the lucky ones to emerge on the other side. It has taught me that health is a privilege and that we need to value it more than anything else.

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