News poll shows Elizabeth Warren is Democratic voters’ top pick for vice president


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A CBS News poll has Elizabeth Warren atop Democratic voters’ list of those who should be considered for vice president — with 71% saying she should be.

Warren outpaces other possible picks by a wide margin as voters’ first choice for the job.

Will Joe Biden’s selection for Vice President ultimately be based solely on progressive ideology, or will other factors come into play?

According to a recent news poll, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren stands at the top of the list for Democratic voters’ top pick for vice president. The poll was conducted by Monmouth University and revealed that 36% of respondents said they believed Warren would be the best choice, outpacing other potential nominees such as California Representative Karen Bass and former national security adviser Susan Rice.

The results of the poll come following months of speculation about who former Vice President Joe Biden would choose as his running mate in the upcoming U.S. Presidential Elections, that are due to take place in November this year. Biden himself has promised to choose a woman candidate, and with a few weeks remaining before the Democratic National Convention, speculation has been rife on who this woman would be.

In recent weeks, Senator Warren has emerged as one of the top contenders for the vice-presidential slot. She has a long history of advocacy for workers’ rights and income inequality, making her a popular candidate with progressives in the Democratic Party. Her supporters have lauded her as a strong and articulate progressive who has been fearless in taking on big banks and corporations.

The news poll may lend weight to the idea that Elizabeth Warren is the best choice for Vice President. The results may also be a reflection of the rising power of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, which Warren represents. Despite facing criticism for her past claims of Native American heritage, Warren is still a well-respected and influential figure in the party.

However, it remains unclear who Biden will ultimately choose as his running mate. He has previously leaned towards more moderate individuals who would appeal to a broad range of voters, rather than basing his selection purely on progressive ideology. Although the poll results surely will come under serious consideration during the selection process.

In conclusion, the news poll undoubtedly shows that Elizabeth Warren is a popular choice among Democratic voters for the vice president slot. Whether she ultimately secures the position or not remains unclear, with so many other factors at play. Nonetheless, Warren’s reputation as a tireless advocate for progressive values and representative of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party remains strong, making her a compelling and exciting choice for the ticket.

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