‘Resident Evil’ stuntwoman speaks out about injury, lawsuit l ABC News


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Stuntwoman speaks out about injury.

Olivia Jackson speaks to ABC News about the on-set injury she suffered as a double for Milla Jovovich’s character and why she’s suing the movie’s producers.

What injuries did Olivia Jackson sustain during the accident?

Resident Evil stuntwoman speaks out about injury, lawsuit l ABC News

In the world of action movies, stunt performers perform some of the most dangerous and thrilling feats that captivate audiences around the globe. They risk their lives to make the movies look as realistic as possible, but sometimes these daredevil stunts can go wrong. Recently, an incident involving a Resident Evil stuntwoman has been making headlines.

Olivia Jackson, a stuntwoman on the set of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, was performing a high-speed motorcycle stunt when the accident occurred. The stunt involved performing a complex maneuver through a set of metal doors that were supposed to crumple upon impact. Unfortunately, one of the doors did not crumple, and Olivia smashed into it at full speed.

The impact was so severe that Olivia suffered a serious injury to her left arm that required amputation. She also suffered spinal injuries, a bruised lung, and several facial and internal injuries. It was a devastating accident, and Olivia has been recovering from her injuries ever since.

Now, Olivia is speaking out about the accident and the lawsuit she has filed against the movie’s producers. In an interview with ABC News, Olivia talked about the challenges she faced following the accident, both physically and mentally. She also discussed the lawsuit she has filed against the producers of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

Olivia’s lawsuit alleges that negligence on the part of the movie’s producers, including insufficient planning, inadequate safety procedures, and a failure to provide her with the proper equipment, contributed to her injuries. Olivia says that the producers rushed the stunt sequence and did not take the proper precautions to ensure her safety.

The lawsuit seeks more than $2.2 million in damages for Olivia’s injuries, lost income, and other expenses. The case is still ongoing, and it remains to be seen how it will ultimately be resolved.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of just how dangerous movie stunts can be, and the importance of ensuring the safety of those who perform them. As Olivia’s case makes its way through the courts, it is critical that steps are taken to prevent similar accidents from happening in the future.

In the meantime, Olivia’s courage and determination in the face of such a devastating injury is an inspiration to us all. We wish her all the best in her recovery and hope that justice will be served.

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