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California has long led the way in reducing auto emissions in the United States.

Now President Trump is moving to revoke the state’s ability to set its own standard, something he says would make cars cheaper and safer. California officials are vowing to fight back.

What is California’s plan of action concerning the proposed move by the Trump administration?

The Trump administration has announced its plan to withdraw California’s power to set its own vehicle-emissions standards, which were more stringent than the federal standards. This move by the Trump administration is likely to affect the climate of California and its residents. The decision comes after a long tussle between California’s Governor Jerry Brown and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over the state’s environmental policies.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the proposed move will help in making automobile manufacturing more cost-effective by allowing the federal government to set the same standards across all states. The EPA believes that uniform standards would help in facilitating interstate commerce and drive innovation and economic growth in the industry.

However, the move has drawn sharp criticism from environmentalists and the state’s leaders. California, known for its strict environmental regulations, has been a powerful force in shaping federal environmental standards for decades. The state has been given the right to set its own strict car pollution standards to address its air quality concerns. California’s strict standards have convinced several other states to follow suit, making it a substantial chunk in the country’s auto market.

Environmentalists argue that the decision will lead to an increase in harmful emissions and adversely impact the air quality of California. They believe that increased emissions from automobiles would lead to respiratory problems and higher rates of asthma as well as further exacerbate global warming.

Moreover, the decision has the potential to impact the automobile industry in California, which is the second-largest automaker in the country. The state has several car companies that have focused on producing hybrid and electric vehicles, and the loosening of standards is likely to devalue the state’s clean energy market.

The Trump administration’s decision follows several other policy changes which have been aimed at loosening environmental regulations to cater to the interests of industrial lobbyists. The move is likely to lead to a court battle as California has announced to fight back against the proposed move.

In conclusion, the Trump administration’s decision to loosen California’s emissions standards is likely to have a significant impact on the country’s environment and economy. While the move is aimed at cutting costs, its impact on the state’s clean energy market and the environment remains a matter of concern. The state’s efforts to address this decision through the courts is indicative of the importance of environmental policy and the need to address climate change.

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