Trump’s Baltimore battle threatens to overshadow strong economy


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 Trump’s Baltimore battle. columnist Liz Peek, Kaltbaum Capital Management President Gary Kaltbaum, Kadina Group President Gary B. Smith and Capitalist Pig Hedge Fund’s Jonathan Hoenig on whether President Trump’s Baltimore tweet will overshadow the strong economic news.

What are some important policy issues that are being overlooked because of the President’s focus on Baltimore?

President Trump’s recent Twitter attacks against Baltimore and its Congressman, Elijah Cummings, have been met with both criticism and support. While the President continues to defend his remarks, many are concerned that his focus on Baltimore could overshadow the country’s strong economy and distract from important policy issues.

The President’s attacks on Baltimore began with a tweet claiming that the city was a “rodent infested mess” and that Congressman Cummings, who represents the majority African-American district where Baltimore is located, was doing nothing to help. Trump’s comments were widely condemned as racist and divisive, with many accusing him of using racially charged language to attack a political opponent.

Despite the criticism, the President doubled down on his comments in subsequent tweets, insisting that a “corrupt” Baltimore was a reflection of Cummings’ leadership. He also attacked the city’s previous mayor and accused Democrats of being solely responsible for Baltimore’s problems.

While the focus on Baltimore may have mobilized the President’s base and helped his reelection campaign, it is also likely to overshadow the country’s robust economy. The United States has seen steady job growth and low unemployment rates in recent years, with GDP growth at a healthy 2.1% for the second quarter of 2019. These economic successes have largely gone unnoticed amidst the President’s ongoing Twitter tirades.

Moreover, the President’s comments about Baltimore are distracting from important policy issues that require attention. Immigration remains a contentious issue, with the administration recently announcing plans to implement new restrictions on legal immigration. In addition, trade tensions between the United States and China are escalating, and the possibility of a recession hangs over the global economy.

The President’s persistent focus on Baltimore detracts from the serious issues that require a thoughtful and nuanced approach. The city has its share of problems, but vilifying it and its residents does little to solve them. Instead, the President’s attention should be focused on the policies that will continue to drive economic growth and address the country’s crucial challenges.

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