U.S. Soccer says women’s team was paid more than men


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The U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team has been fighting for equal pay.

But in a new letter released by U.S. Soccer president Carlos Cordeiro, he claims the women’s team has been paid more in salary and game bonuses than the men’s team between 2010 and 2018.

What is U.S. Soccer’s argument for paying the women’s team less than the men’s team?

U.S. Soccer Says Women’s Team Was Paid More Than Men

In a recent court filing, U.S. Soccer has claimed that the women’s national team has been paid more than the men’s national team in recent years. This claim comes as part of a lawsuit that the women’s team has filed against the organization for gender discrimination.

The lawsuit, which was filed in March of 2019, alleges that U.S. Soccer has discriminated against the women’s team by paying them less than the men’s team and providing them with inferior working conditions. The suit seeks damages of over $66 million, alongside a request for equal pay for equal work.

U.S. Soccer has previously argued that the women’s team is paid less than the men’s team because they generate less revenue, a claim that the women’s team disputes. The organization has now claimed that the women’s team has actually been paid more than the men’s team in recent years, when taking into account factors such as salaries, bonuses, and per diems.

According to U.S. Soccer’s court filing, the women’s team earned more than the men’s team in each of the years from 2010 to 2018. In some years, the women’s team earned significantly more, such as in 2016, when they received approximately $1.7 million more than the men’s team.

The women’s team has responded to U.S. Soccer’s claims by arguing that the organization’s calculations are misleading. The women’s team has pointed out that the men’s team has a much larger player pool, which means that there are more players to divide the money between. Additionally, the women’s team argues that they have achieved more success on the international stage, which should entitle them to higher compensation.

The issue of equal pay has become a major point of contention within U.S. Soccer in recent years. Following their victory at the 2019 World Cup, the women’s team used their platform to advocate for equal pay and better working conditions. The team’s efforts have gained support from lawmakers and celebrities alike, and have helped to shine a light on the issue of gender discrimination in sports.

As the lawsuit against U.S. Soccer continues to play out, it remains to be seen whether the women’s team will be successful in their quest for equal pay. Regardless of the outcome, the case has brought much-needed attention to issues of gender equality and discrimination, and has opened up an important conversation about what fair pay looks like in the world of sports.

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