Unusual animal behavior in China; Beijing like ‘ghost town’ amid coronavirus; Massive floods


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A strange sight appears across China: fish jumping out of the water. It’s sparking fears of an incoming natural disaster.

Many believe the odd behavior is a warning sign.

Indian authorities say they hope to solve the border tension with China through diplomatic means. But calls for boycotting Chinese goods and investments are rising. A picture online is sparking outrage in India.

Photos show Beijing empty like a ghost town. This, as China’s capital under wartime measures. Over 20 million people affected.

Weeks of heavy rainfall drenching 70% of China are bringing more than just floods. Now many are facing mudslides. Even a bridge is swept away.

And Trump signed a new bill into law. It’s set to allow sanctions on Chinese officials who are involved with the regime’s forced labor camps–full of Uighur muslims and other minority groups. China isn’t happy about it.

What were the causes of the massive floods in China, and how did the government respond to provide relief to those affected?

Unusual Animal Behavior in China; Beijing like ‘Ghost Town’ Amid Coronavirus; Massive Floods

China is a vast country that has been hit by several natural disasters and other calamities in recent times. From massive floods to unusual animal behavior and the outbreak of the coronavirus, China has faced unprecedented challenges in the past year. In this article, we take a closer look at some of the most pressing issues facing the country today.

Unusual Animal Behavior in China

In early 2020, there were reports of unusual animal behavior in China, including snakes crawling out of their burrows and rats leaving their hiding places. Scientists believe that the behavior was linked to the unusual weather patterns in the country, with a warmer than usual winter accelerating the onset of spring. The phenomenon was also linked to the migration of certain species of birds, as well as an increase in the number of wild boars in urban areas.

Researchers have suggested that the unusual animal behavior could be a result of the climate crisis and could have negative implications for the environment and human health. They have called for further research to explore the implications of the phenomenon and to develop strategies for mitigating its impact.

Beijing like ‘Ghost Town’ Amid Coronavirus

In early 2020, China and the world were hit by a novel coronavirus outbreak that originated in the city of Wuhan. The virus quickly spread across China and to other parts of Asia and then the globe, leading to severe restrictions on travel and the shutdown of businesses in affected areas.

As the center of the outbreak, Beijing was hit particularly hard, with the city resembling a ‘ghost town’ due to the shutdown of businesses and restrictions on travel. The government responded by implementing strict measures to contain the virus, including the suspension of all public transport, closure of non-essential businesses, and even the lockdown of entire cities.

In the months that followed, China was able to successfully contain the spread of the virus, although there were occasional outbreaks in certain areas. Beijing gradually returned to normalcy with the resumption of business and public transport services, and the government has continued to monitor the situation closely to prevent any further outbreaks.

Massive Floods

In June 2020, China experienced massive floods that affected more than 38 million people in 26 provinces. The floods were caused by a combination of factors, including heavy rain, lack of adequate water management infrastructure, and deforestation.

The floods caused widespread damage to roads, buildings, and agricultural land, and led to the displacement of millions of people. The government responded by deploying the military and other emergency response teams to the affected areas and providing relief supplies to those in need.

The floods were a stark reminder of the need for improved water management infrastructure and increased efforts to tackle the impact of climate change. The government has pledged to invest in upgrading flood control systems, including the construction of new dams and other infrastructure, as part of broader efforts to improve the country’s resilience to natural disasters.


China has faced a range of challenges in recent times, from unusual animal behavior to the outbreak of the coronavirus and massive floods. While these challenges have been unprecedented, the government has responded with effective measures to contain the spread of the virus and provide relief to those affected by floods. As the world continues to face the challenges of climate change and other crises, there are important lessons that can be learned from China’s experience in tackling these issues.

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