What the MSM Was Afraid to Tell You


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Mainstream Media Was Afraid To Tell You

This is what the mainstream media has hidden from you while you were distracted!

What are some examples of the MSM withholding information from the public, and how has this impacted news coverage?

As journalists, their duty is to report the news objectively and without bias. However, the mainstream media (MSM) has often been criticized for withholding certain information from the public. This phenomenon is known as “what the MSM was afraid to tell you.” It’s a phrase that has gained popularity among journalists who believe that the media is deliberately downplaying or ignoring significant news to prevent any backlash.

There are several examples of what the MSM was afraid to tell you. For instance, it’s widely known that the media projected former Vice President Joe Biden as the winner of the U.S Presidential Election even before all the votes were counted. What’s not widely reported is that multiple allegations of voter fraud and voting irregularities in several battleground states were being investigated. Many believe that the media ignored these issues, portraying Biden as the clear winner.

Another example is the coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the MSM has provided extensive coverage on the pandemic’s impact, there are concerns over their reporting methodology. Many believe that the media has been sensationalizing the virus’s effect, creating fear and panic among the public. Moreover, there’s little coverage of potential treatments, cures, and prevention methods in mainstream media.

Some journalists and news outlets have also highlighted the MSM’s bias concerning certain topics. For instance, coverage of global conflicts such as the Syrian war, Yemeni crisis, and Libya’s civil war is often one-sided, portraying one party as “good guys” and demonizing the other side. Critics suggest that the MSM is biased towards certain political ideologies, governments, or ideologies.

So, why does the MSM engage in such behavior? While it’s hard to generalize the media’s stance on specific issues, a few motives can be identified. Firstly, the media might be hesitant to publish certain news stories as it could harm the media outlet’s image, lose revenue, or face backlash. Secondly, the MSM could be propagating a specific narrative- promoting a particular agenda. Lastly, in a hyper-competitive news environment where many news outlets exist, sensationalizing, and clickbaiting become the norm, leaving the public to figure out the truth behind headlines.

In conclusion, the phrase “what the MSM was afraid to tell you” is not just a rhetorical flourish or a conspiracy theory; there are genuine concerns over the media’s reporting methodology. While the media undoubtedly plays an essential role in shaping public opinion, these concerns raise further questions about media accountability, transparency, and their role in a democratic society. As news consumers, we must practice media literacy, analyze different viewpoints, and research before accepting any news story as the truth.

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