Why black voters are supporting Joe Biden in Democratic primaries


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African American support on Super Tuesday and in South Carolina helped propel Joe Biden to victory in multiple primaries.

Color of Change president Rashad Robinson joins CBSN’s “Red and Blue” to discuss why black voters are backing the former vice president.

In what ways do Biden’s proposed policies align with the values of many black voters?

As the 2020 Democratic primary heats up, one thing is clear: black voters are a key constituency for any candidate seeking the party’s nomination. While the field is crowded with candidates who have various strengths and weaknesses, former Vice President Joe Biden has emerged as a frontrunner in part because of his strong support among black voters.

So why are black voters backing Biden? Here are a few key reasons:

1. Biden has a deep connection to the black community

Biden’s long political career has been marked by a close relationship with black voters and leaders. As Vice President under Barack Obama, Biden was an instrumental figure in the nation’s first black presidency. He worked closely with Obama to craft policies that sought to address systemic racial inequalities, like the Affordable Care Act and criminal justice reform.

But Biden’s connections to the black community go back much further than that. He has a long history of working with black leaders and advocating for their interests, including supporting the Voting Rights Act of 1965 as a young senator. Biden’s years of public service, combined with his strong relationships within the black community, have helped to cement his reputation as a candidate who truly understands the needs and concerns of black Americans.

2. Biden is seen as the most electable candidate

Many black voters are anxious to defeat President Donald Trump in the upcoming election. While some candidates may have stronger stances on particular issues, for many voters, the most important consideration is who can actually win in November.

Biden’s strong showing in early primary contests has helped to solidify his reputation as the most electable candidate in the race. His years of experience, moderate political ideology, and deep connections within the Democratic Party make him a formidable opponent who many voters believe can take on Trump and win.

3. Biden’s policies align with the values of many black voters

While Biden’s record isn’t without controversy, many black voters believe that his policies and vision for the country align with their own values. For example, Biden has proposed a number of policies aimed at addressing systemic racial injustices, including criminal justice reform, affordable housing initiatives, and investments in historically black colleges and universities.

Biden has also been a vocal proponent of expanding access to healthcare, which is an issue that disproportionately affects black Americans. With millions of black Americans still uninsured, affordable healthcare is a key issue for many voters in this demographic.

In conclusion, black voters are rallying behind Joe Biden’s bid for the presidency for a variety of reasons. Biden’s deep connections to the black community, his perceived electability, and his commitment to addressing a range of key issues affecting black Americans are all factors that have helped to bolster his support in this critical demographic. As the race continues to unfold, it will remain to be seen whether this support will be enough to propel Biden to the Democratic nomination.

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