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Why’s this a ‘critical moment’ for the US and Russia over Ukraine? – BBC News

Published - President Putin has given his first public comments on the situation in Ukraine since December. He says the United States' response to Moscow's ...

February 3, 2022: NATO, Russia troops, Erdogan, Ukraine, Biden in NYC, Winter Olympics, Mississippi

Published - February 3, 2022: NATO, Russia 30,000 troops, Erdogan visits Ukraine, Biden in NYC, Winter Olympics, Mississippi.1. NATO said Russia had stepped up ...

Netanyahu Ousted After 12 Years As Israel’s Prime Minister

Published - Israel’s Parliament on Sunday narrowly voted in favor of a new coalition government led by right-wing politician Naftali Bennett that brings to an ...

The ‘unknown’ Covid deaths in rural India

Published - The second Covid wave ravaged India as hospitals and then crematoriums ran out of space.While cities were first hit, the second wave of coronavirus ...

Fauci funded ‘bat-human interface’ research in China to avoid an outbreak in the US

Published - The top US infection disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci has made a groundbreaking admission that he funded coronavirus research in China to avoid an ...

Delta COVID-19 strain puzzling authorities | Australia

Published - Delta COVID-19 strainProfessor Sharon Lewin of the Doherty Institute discusses the Delta strain of COVID-19 and efforts to identify where the cases ...

Pope calls for healing over Canada school discovery

Published - Pope calls for healing.Pope Francis said on Sunday that he was pained by the discovery of the remains of 215 children at a former Catholic school ...

Biden says he’s ‘very confident’ in Fauci — despite lab-leak emails | New York Post

Published - Biden says he’s ‘very confident’ in Fauci.President Biden on Friday said he’s “very confident” in his chief medical adviser, Dr. Anthony Fauci, ...

Explosion in Beirut rocks entire city, at least 50 killed

Published - At 6 p.m. local time, a blast shook the Lebanese city, ripping off the front of buildings as cars, shops and apartments were shattered. Hospitals ...

In November 2020 It All Comes Together: Riots, Coronavirus, Covid-19, Trump Biden, Social Unrest

Published - In November we will have riots, coronavirus, covid-19 and possibly a second wave, the Trump Biden presidential election and intensified conflict. ...

Swarm Of Locusts Threaten Livelihood Of Millions In African, Asian And Middle Eastern Countries

Published - Swarm Of LocustsSwarms of locusts in Africa and Asia are devouring farmlands and threatening millions of people’s livelihoods as they struggle to ...

Did the US reopen faster than other countries?

Published - While European countries have managed to keep new infections of Covid-19 at bay, by the time most Americans had emerged from lockdown restrictions ...

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