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DEMA SHOW 2019: The One New Scuba Gear Everyone Is Talking About!

DEMA SHOW 2019: The One New Scuba Gear Everyone Is Talking About!

This is the Hydroid Aquabreather. Is it a rebreather? No. Is it SCUBA? Yes, but not as you’ve ever seen it before!

Without a doubt, this is the one scuba diving product for 2019 that has created the most buzz at DEMA Show 2019. Everyone is talking about it on the exhibit floor and at the cocktail parties. It is truly out there, so I had to take a closer look…

Here is the Hydroid Aquabreather’s website if you want more information:


The crowd for the pool demonstration was like nothing I’d ever seen at DEMA. People were either queuing up to watch a man drown, or they were eyeing the future of scuba diving.

I’m chatting with Egor from Hydroid about this wacky invention. As far as my opinion on it… you’ll have to wait for me to go scuba diving with it and give it a review!

Part HALO, part NASA, part Darth Vader, the Hydroid Aquabreather uses proprietary canisters of a chemical blend that, once popped, gives off Oxygen. This is then cycled through your helmet and you can dive to a max. depth of 42m.If you want to take a PERSONALIZED dive course at any level with Divers Ready, you can contact us here:

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