COLOMBIA, The Warmth Of A Smile

COLOMBIA, The Warmth Of A Smile
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Our tour starts in the capital, Bogotá, before heading southward across the Andes as far as Popayàn. We then head back north to the coastline of the Caribbean Sea. Our journey takes us through some fabulous landscapes while stopping off to discover cities such as Cali, Medellin and Cartagena. Not forgetting the rural regions and encounters with Amerindians, plus some prestigious archaeological sites like the Ciudad Perdida (lost city).
Our journey is by road, not by plane despite the long distances involved. This way we get a closer look at the daily life of local inhabitants and take in the wide variety of natural landscapes.
Colombia is a vast country sandwiched between South and Central America.
Notorious for its social and economic problems (poverty, drug-trafficking and armed militia forces), Colombia is actually a little-known country in that the majority of received images more often than not filter through news media reporting. What do we know about the country aside form the themes that make headline news in newspapers?
Colombia happens to be a very rich country in terms of both landscapes and culture.

8 Total Score

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