The Real Reason Bristol Palin Is Getting Divorced

The Real Reason Bristol Palin Is Getting Divorced
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Published – 10/04/2018 1:00 pm

Bristol Palin first made headlines during her mom’s unlikely run for vice president in 2008, when she was just 17 at the time and pregnant with her first child, Tripp.

After two broken engagements with her baby daddy, Palin married Dakota Meyer, a U.S. Marine veteran and Medal of Honor recipient in 2016. Now, Bristol’s on MTV’s Teen Mom. Here’s how it all went wrong…

Trouble from the start | 0:21
Secrets don’t make fiancés | 0:54
Absentee daddy | 1:35
Discord records | 2:07
Dakota planning? | 2:42
A failed reconciliation | 3:09
Bouncing back | 3:48

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