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Spoiler Alert!

So I’ve just finished watching the new Matrix Resurrections movie on HBO Max, but before I continue any further, I have to let you know that there are spoilers in this post. So spoiler alert, stop reading this now if you intend on watching the movie later with a fresh perspective. If you’re still here, then let’s continue.

The Movie Itself

Now I’ll cut right to the chase; if you’ve never seen The Matrix before then, you’d probably enjoy this film more than hardcore fans such as myself. You might even find it somewhat eye-opening. But for us, Matrix heads, it’s bitter-sweet. Yes, we’re happy to finally continue our journey into the Matrix that started so long ago with the first movie in 1999. But disappointed and a little sad that it just wasn’t as good as we’d hoped it would be. Now I’m not saying that The Matrix Resurrections isn’t enjoyable, but it’s nowhere near the level of its predecessors. Not even close!

Not sure if it was the long 23 year wait between our introduction to The Matrix with the first movie and this one, but there was nothing genuinely new or captivating about this movie. It felt like they rushed it, and it just wasn’t deep like the others. Just an awful lot of clips from the previous films and reenactments. The fight scenes, no different.

Also, there were only two original leading cast members out of the four leading roles. Neo (of course) played by Keanu Reeves and Trinity played by Carrie-Anne Moss. Where were Laurence Fishburne (the original Morpheus) and Hugo Weaving (the original Agent Smith)?

The new actors who played Morpheus and Agent Smith are Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Jonathan Groff. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Morpheus) did an excellent job playing his new role. If we couldn’t get Laurence back, I’m glad we had Yahya. Jonathan Groff (Agent Smith) did a fantastic job acting. However, his fight scenes looked subpar.


The Matrix (the first film) left you wondering and wanting more. And so did Reloaded and Revolutions. It had a cult-like status. And I expected the same from The Matrix Resurrections but to no avail.

A Few Things I Expected To Be Better

  • For Morpheus to have a more prominent role –

    So we couldn’t get Laurence Fishburne to play Morpheus for whatever reason. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II was great as Morpheus and needed to be featured more. After all, Morpheus is the one who unplugged us all in the first film. He explained to us and showed brilliantly what the Matrix was in those iconic scenes. (Morpheus?… Yeeeessssss)

  • Newer battle and fighting scenes –

    After the first film came out, the second and third films had level-ups in how they fought and engaged in battle. It was new, even if it was just something as simple as them now shooting upside down. After over two decades, you would expect to see something fresh. Nope. Same thing as before.

  • The overall concept of The Matrix –

    The idea of The Matrix is brilliant. So we wanted to see new concepts about the Matrix. The ideas behind the Matrix in the Matrix 4 were small or touched on briefly. Unlike the long conversation, Neo had with the Architect. Or like the one he had with Sati’s father in the train station about love. Everything felt rehashed and, as I said before, rushed. Nothing that stands out like it did in the Trilogy.


In my opinion, The Matrix (Matrix 1) is the best movie of all time. And that’s rather tough to beat. But The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions were equally as epic. And maybe that’s because those continuations debuted reasonably close in timing to the original film. Who knows.

The Matrix Resurrections (Matrix 4) is a decent movie overall. But it’s far less than what I expected, and I’m sorry to say a real disappointment—this movie needed to be exceptional. They had over twenty years to make sure this story evolved in detail. That’s a long time just to present mainly rehashed material. The things that wowed years ago don’t wow us anymore. I hate to do this, but The Matrix Resurrections gets a C- from me.

You can let me know what you think about the movie or my views by commenting here.

Overall…How does the plot of the Matrix Resurrections compare to that of the original trilogy?

The Matrix Resurrections, the fourth installment in the Matrix franchise, has been long-awaited by fans of the series. After a wait of 18 years since the last release, the movie finally hit theaters worldwide on December 22, 2021. The movie has received mixed reviews, with some fans praising the film’s plot, while others felt it paled in comparison to the original trilogy.

One hour after watching the Matrix Resurrections, my initial impression of the film is that it had an ambitious plot, but struggled to capture the same magic as the original trilogy. The movie’s plot revolves around how Neo and Trinity, who were believed to have died in the final movie, are now living as separate individuals in a new Matrix. The plot then follows how Neo rediscovers his identity and the truth about the new Matrix.

The performances by the lead actors, Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, were commendable, but the script could have been better. The action scenes lacked the gravity and intensity of the original trilogy, and the movie just didn’t seem to have the same emotional depth as the previous films.

The introduction of new characters seemed forced, and their roles in the plot could have been better explained. The movie’s villain, played by Neil Patrick Harris, lacked the same depth as previous villains in the series.

One of the major issues with the movie was that it seemed to be trying to cater to a new generation of fans while also trying to please the old ones. This blend wasn’t entirely successful, leading to a lack of clarity of who the movie was intended for.

In conclusion, the Matrix Resurrections may not have lived up to the expectations of those who fell in love with the original trilogy, but it’s still a decent film. Though it lacked the same impact and intensity that made the original trilogy great, it’s still a welcome addition to the Matrix franchise. Fans of the trilogy may find enjoyment in the movie, but it’s unlikely to impress those unfamiliar with the series. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual viewer to decide whether it’s worth seeing or not.

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